“Under God” On Its Way Out Of Pledge Of Allegiance

To eliminate the words ” Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is very hard to do, in fact it has never passed yet in any tate to take it out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts is going to hear different argusments on why it should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. The unnamed family who are the plantiffs in the case are saying it is in violation of the equal rights for religious freedom. This court was the same to court to first legalize same sex marrige in the United States of America.



Supreme Judicial Court Massachusetts[1]      130905-pledge-allegiance-630a.photoblog600[1]

My view on this subject is that it would be totally unAmerican to take Under God out of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those two words have been there since the Revolutionary War when Francis Scott Key wrote them down on a peice of paper to make sure people in the future would not forget that America will not back down and will always come out on top.

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