Newlywed, Newly Dead

One May 31st, 2013 Jordan Linn Graham and Cody Lee Johnson got married and were hoping for a long marriage, well at least one side wanted a long marriage. Eight days later Graham and Johnson got into a fight earlier in the day and when they decided to go on an hike they were still arguing and fighting each other. Apparently Graham was having second thoughts about the marriage only eight days later after the marriage and that is what investigators think was the leading cause to all the arguing. When they got to a cliff they stopped and continued to argue, after Johnson grabbed her arm she pushed him face first of the side of the cliff.  Graham found the body a few days later in a place that she said ” is a place that he wanted to see before he died.

article-2416483-1BB9FAA5000005DC-211_306x423_244x183[1]              CODY_JOHNSON[1]


In my opinion is this woman is a complete psychopath because she pushed her husband off the side of a cliff because they were arguing. This story is also weird because they were married for eight days and she was having second thoughts eight days after the marriage, which probably means she always had second thoughts, so why didn’t she have cold feet and call the wedding off instead of marrying guy you really don’t like as much as you thought you did. I thought this was a cold and heartless act that she killed Cody and then went on to say ” it was a place he always wanted to see before he died.



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