D.C. Navy Shooting

Yesterday in Washington D.C. at the Navy Yard there was a mass shooting which killed 12 people in all. 11 people died at the seen and one died at the hospital shortly after. The shooter, Aaron Alexis, 34, was a military subcontractor. Alexis was given a general discharge from the military in 2011 after exhibiting a “pattern of misbehavior”. This is not the first time there was a mass shooting at a military base, there was one in Fort Worth, Texas a couple of years ago. Alexis did seek treatment for mental issues before but unfortunately it did not help him. He is known for having mental issues and they think that is what lead him to do the unthinkable act the he did.


Fox News talked about how he had mental issues and the pattern of his mental issues. They portrayed there information in all text.


CBS News also talked about Aaron Alexis mental issue and how he had other misbehavior in the past and that’s why he got a general discharge from the military. They also portrayed there information with almost all text.


CNN News talked about the event that day and what happened during the event. They portrayed their information with a slide show at the top and told the story obviously with text.


The New York Times talks about what is next in the process and the investigation now has to focus on the motive of Aaron Alexis. The showed their information in all text as well.


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