Teens Try To Eat Mom

Two teenaged boys, one thirteen, the other fourteen were on a self-proclaimed pill overdose and went off the wall.  The two teenaged boys went on a spree of crimes including grand theft auto, hit and run, burglary, and vandalism.  The weirdest crime the two boys committed were beating up the thirteen year old boy’s mother. During the beat down the one boy said ” Hey, let’s rip her open and eat her liver,” it never did happen.  The two boys are in custody and the mother is recuperating in a nearby hospital.

The World Responds

This must be one of the weirdest things I have ever heard in my life. I feel like it is somewhat the parents fault because the kids were thirteen and fourteen years old and should not be associated with pills. The two kids should have been more closely watched. Also why didn’t the father call quicker, maybe while they were beating up the mom and not after they take the car.

Joe Strazza also says that this is a crazy story. He also says that the parents were crazy for not watching them closer. He also said it was shocking and unbelievable and sad. He does say though that if pills were involved that they can changed and alter a persons mind, but that is not an excuse for what they did.

Ryan Dinger says that ecstasy is not worth the trouble that it causes because you are putting your life and someone else’s life in danger.

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