Do What You Want… Hillary


It is time for Hillary Clinton to take a back seat from the political view and not run for president in 2016. If Hillary did run and happened to win the election she would be the second oldest president to be in office, behind Ronald Reagan by a couple of months. The Clinton-Bush era has pretty much owned the political scene for the last twenty plus years and it is time for a new scene of political leaders.


The first argument against another Clinton candidacy is generational. Baby boomers need to release their arthritic fingers from the torch of leadership and pass it off to another generation.

My Response:

Even though I do not agree with what Hillary is for I feel like she can do what she wants and run if she would like. She is a grown old woman and she has the right to do what she wants. If she does run I can see her getting beat because she is old as dirt and people are getting tired of the Bush-Clinton era.

People Respond:

Barbara Bush, 31, called Clinton “unbelievably accomplished” in an upcoming  interview with People magazine, saying she wants to see the former first lady  mount a campaign.

Read more:

But Hillary is too great a talent and voice to go unused. And she clearly has too much fight and force left in her to just follow the fading path of philanthropy laid out by her husband. Plus if Hillary showed us nothing else, it’s her extraordinary vision and impact as a global statesman. Which is precisely what we need in the world right now, a strong head of a strong global body that can collectively hold rogue nations accountable and spread opportunity and prosperity worldwide. Like the United Nations if the U.N. had even more accountability and heft and teeth. Added bonus: Taking such a position would help breathe life into the perennial vast right-wing conspiracy theory about “world government,” and we know how Hillary likes vast right-wing conspiracies!- Sally Kohn


Even George Bush’s daughter wants Hillary Clinton to run because she is “extremely qualified” which I agree with but so is her uncle Jeb Bush. Her saying that is like going against her dad and brother and her grandfather. Sally Kohn a writer for New York Times magazine wrote that she should run because she is a well-known person that everyone in the world knows, which is also true.

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