Pastor Gets Shot While Preaching


At a church in Louisiana, the pastor of the church, Ronald Harris got shot by a gentleman that attended the church. His daughter, Talisha Harris who attended the church saw the action go down along with her mother. Woodrow Karey who did not show his presence at the church for about four years killed the pastor with two shots. Karey walked into the church and fired his shotgun and the shot hit a plant with is first shot, the second shot hit Ronald Harris in the back making him collapse, then Karey walked up to the wounded pastor and shot once more and stood over him to see his last breath. After Karey killed the pastor he fled the church, later he did turn himself in to authorities.


I feel like the actions of Woodrow Karey is psychopathic just because he stood over the dying man to watch his final breath along with the fact that he went into a church and shot the place up. They do not know the motive for the killing and I would love to know it because you just don’t go in a church and start shooting a shotgun. I feel very bad for his daughter and wife who watched a man that they knew kill their father and husband. Obviously Karey is a heartless man because he killed a good man for no apparent reason.

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