Lunch Interview

In today’s society school lunches are a big deal from the first lady Michelle Obama to the kids in the local high school.  The price, quality, and quantity are the major parts of the lunch that people want to change or keep the same.  School lunch is important for kids to get reenergized and to wake up a little. Obama wants to make them more healthy by lowering the portion size and what we get at lunch, while other people think we should get more food.

I interviewed some kids at my high school and there were some varying responses on what should change and what they like about school lunches.  Colin Wolgemuth said that he thought the school lunches are good, but “more homemade food would always be great”. All three kids say the “prices for food are reasonable and are fairly priced”.  Josh Leboon said that “we should definitely get more food because we are growing men that need to eat”.  Rj Bowman thinks that the food quality could be better, while Colin and Josh thinks they are fine.  Colin and Josh both say “turkey and gravy are the best lunch we get”, while Rj says it is the salads because it fills him up at the price we pay for it.  Colin says the most unnatural lunch we get is the worst lunch we get, Rj says the hot dogs are the worst because the bounce like rubber and he is glad they rid of them.  Josh says that pizza is the worst lunch we get because we have an option for it everyday of the year.

A normal school lunch

A normal school lunch

In my opinion the school lunches are overpriced, I mean my parents already pay a ton of money in taxes to the school the lunches should be free or dirt cheap for the amount we get. The extras should be priced the way they are now though.  I also think that we should get more food and better quality of food because frankly they both suck right now. The food really is not that healthy, the pizza proves it, you get a pizza and you can see the grease dripping off it.  In my opinion the best lunch we can get is the popcorn chicken bowl while the worst is pizza.

Everyday lunch

Everyday lunch

In conclusion lunch is a big deal in high schools and people in the government (well just Michelle Obama).  The major issues with school lunches are the portion size, quality, and prices according to a high school student. Obviously Manheim Central High School has some work to do on improving their school lunches, but most school districts probably have to as well to.

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