Jon Hershey College Interview

Graduation is just around the corner for the class of 2014 and a large majority of people will decide to go to college. The choice of going to college is a  big choice because there are many factors that go into choosing the right college that fits your personal needs. I asked one of my good friends Jon Hershey about his college plans and what he thinks about college.  I asked him ten questions about where he wants to go, his major, and why he thinks college is important.


1.) Do you plan to go to college after high school?

Jon said he is planning on going to college after high school.


2.) Which college do want to go to, and why did you come to this choice?

Jon said, “Millersville, because it is close to home and it is a good school in the area.”


3.) What do you plan on studying in college and why?

Jon said “I am undecided because I cannot decide between a couple of majors that I would like to pursue.”


4.) Do you care if you are close to home, explain.

Jon Said, ” Yes I am a momma’s boy.”


5.) Do you plan on playing sports in college, if so what?

Jon said, ” Yes, because I will always be Kicker Jon.”


6.) Why do you want to go to college?

He wants to go to college to get a better education.


7.) What size of college do you want to go to, why?

Jon said, ” Small college, because I have a fear of a lot of people.”


8.) Do you want to go to a college in the city, suburbs, or rural, why?

Jon said, “rural, there are less people which is good for my fear of a lot of people.”


9.) How important do you think a college education is in today’s world?

Jon said, “It is really important because we need a college degree to anywhere in today’s world and to be successful.”


10.) What do you plan on doing with your major?

Jon said, ” I do not have and idea on what I want to do at this time because I do not even know what major I am going for yet.”

In conclusion college is an important decision and it looks like Jon has it figured out for the most part. The only part he needs to figure out is his major but he does not need to do that until before his junior year of college. Jon has a good school picked in Millersville because it is a well known college in Pennsylvania. It is good that he is going to play a sport in college because he get to know people better. Also it is good that he picked a college close to home because he could decide to commute which would make the cost of going to Millersville even cheaper.  Again college is important to go to in my opinion and everyone should consider a college to go to. If you do not like the idea of going to a four year school you could always go to a trade school for two years.

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