Pro Capital Punishment

One of my favorite concepts is the Code of Hammurabi which said that ‘if man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out.” This relates to capital punishment because if you kill someone in a degree high enough to receive the death penalty it is the same concept as the Hammurabi Code.  I feel that if you are stupid enough to do the crime then you should have to pay the price for that crime in whatever way that would be. In my opinion is that everyone should follow Hammurabi’s code and live by the eye for an eye concept. That means if you get caught stealing, cut off your hand, if you kill someone, you will die. This would lower the cost of maintain prisons because  less people  would be in them. The only people in prison would be the accused waiting on a trial but they should not be in prison that long either.


The death penalty is not the easy way out because the easy way out would be sitting in jail where you get free food, housing, TV, weight room access, and sport fields. Inmates can also socialize with other people that are a waste to society too. So the easy way out is not death it is sitting in jail living a tax free life not paying for anything while people that actually have a life and do something with their life pay for their dumb silly self to sit in jail.


I also believe that people should get one sh0t at a trial and appeal, so the trial and then the one appeal not keep appealing. Also when the defendant gets sentenced to the death penalty, they should be put to death in a timely manner and not wait twenty years for people to get put to death. If they kept the appeals to one and killed the person in a timely manner it would save a lot of money. Death penalty also brings relief to the family of the victim. This is not saying they are sick because they want to see someone die just because, they want people to die under the death penalty because they are idiotic enough to kill someone.

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12 Responses to Pro Capital Punishment

  1. brothwellp says:

    The Code of Hammurabi also advocates for slavery and says that if a child misbehaves a parent could cut off their hand. Do you still think that you should be building an argument around this?

    • jwood40129 says:

      Yes, I do but only on the premise of eye for an eye. I do not believe in slavery at all and I am not basing my argument on that fact. A child misbehaving getting their hand cut off is harsh, but that does not fall under the eye for an eye concept at all. I am basing this off the eye for an eye concept which is if you do something illegal to me your punishment should be the same thing.

  2. brothwellp says:

    Who gets to decide whether or not someone receives the death penalty or not? What about manslaugher? What about self defense? Does the murder need to be exceptionally violent or premeditated?

    • jwood40129 says:

      You would have a trial, if they are found guilty they should receive the death penalty. If they are found not-guilty they should live, obviously. I’m saying that the legal system should be the same but they should do it quicker than waiting many years to give someone the needle. Manslaughter and self-defense are not usually are not a murder-one crime, therefore they would not receive the death penalty. The murder should in be either or. If you kill someone by stabbing them in their back 30 times, shooting them in the face, then cutting their neck from ear to ear, yes they should die for that even if it is not premeditated. All premeditated murders should be a death penalty sentence because you actually thought out how to kill a person.

  3. brothwellp says:

    I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this article. Who taught you to write, a third grader? Dude, if you’re going to publish something on the internet make sure you WRITE WELL.

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