Food-Aid should Come To An End


Food-Aid has been defended for fifty years and now is the time for that to change.  On August, 31st 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a law that enacted the food stamp program. In 1964 the law was passed to help needy people and families that could not pay for food or were not able to grow their own.

Today people are taking advantage of this program and getting their food practically free. The average family spends 151 dollars a week for food according to a Gallup Poll. In a four person family the government will give you 632 dollars to spend on food every month. so according to the Gallup poll a family of four is paying 604 dollars a week on food essentially getting there food completely free.

On welfare you are supposed to look for work and actually trying to get a job that you can support your family on somewhat. How many people actually do that? Also, how many people abuse the program and get welfare, which includes food stamps just sit on their lazy butt at home and get there food for free and healthcare free? There are flaws to the program but the government really cannot pick out the people abusing the programs.

In conclusion food stamps are good programs if used correctly and not manipulated by these lazy people. It is not fair that a family of four can get there food completely free paid by the government. I the government did not put so much money into welfare it might help with the economy situation as well. On October 31st, 2013 the GOP proposed to lower the budget for food stamps by 40 billion dollars while the democrats proposed a 4 billion dollar cut to welfare.

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