Women Fired Over Halloween Costume

A Michigan woman named Alicia Ann Lynch dressed as a victim of April’s Boston Marathon bombing, wearing sporting shorts and fake blood splattered on her body. The result of this was her getting fired and internet rage over social media.  Lynch posted herself wearing the costume on Instagram which followed in people raging on twitter and sending her not so nice comments.


I disagree with the fact that people use social media to threaten and attack other people over social media. People take social media way to far sometimes and it is really childish and annoying that social media is what people turn to for their problems. People cannot just talk to another human being and solve the differences. Know they have to be children  and take to social media. What a society we live in.


  • Social media is everyone’s turn to coping device to deal with problems.
  • It is funny that a person with the last name lynch is making fun of death.
  • Some people take jokes way to far.
  • Some people heartless and do not deserve to walk this Earth.
  • Social media is just used for stupid childish things.
  • I like potatoes.
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