My Future Plans

Plans after High School:

In my immediate plans after high school is to go to college and pursue career goals for myself.   The college that I chose to go to is California University of Pennsylvania which is about forty-five minuets southeast of Pittsburgh. I chose this school because when I visited, they talked to me in a way that they wanted me to come.  Also when I visited I loved the campus and some of the administration that I met when I was there. When I was there it reminded me of my home a little because there was not much around the campus and I like that.



I plan to go to CalU for at least two years and get my gen-eds done there.  After that will decide if i want to transfer to another college or not. That will depend on my grades and if i want to leave or not.  My dream school is Syracuse University and if I could somehow get accepted after completing my gen-eds, it would be a dream come true.  In college i plan on studying sport management as of right now,  but I always had pre-law in the back of my mind and  I always wanted to be a lawyer.



My career goals is either to become a lawyer or work for the New York Giants in their marketing department or as a college or pro scout.  Pre-law major would be headed toward a lawyer while sport management degree would help me get to work for the Giants in someway.  My dream job would be the general manager for the Giants. For the people that do not know what the GM does I will fill you in.  The GM on any professional sport team do handles all the trades, signing, and cuts of players on a the team.


Other Plans:

I also plan to travel around the world and visit countries like Italy, Great Britain, and France.  I love to travel and see historic landmarks I think it awesome to see how the world came to be and stand in some of the same places famous people did too.  I would also like to travel to see  try different countries food and see how they live differently to us.

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