How To Write A How To Article

The following post will tell you how to write a how to article.  How to articles are helpful if you are not a man because we men never look for help and think we can do everything our selves. How to articles will help women to complete tasks they could not do by asking a family member or friend.

Step 1: Choose Topic- You have to think of a topic that you want to write about and you know somewhat about.


Step 2: Choose Creative Title- Choosing a creative title will let the reader know if your article will help them with want they want to complete. Having a creative title will

Step 3: Pinpoint Audience- You have to choose an audience that you want to write to. Something about cooking or baking you may want to target women, but anything about cars or sports you may want to pinpoint guys.


Step 4: Write a Introduction- Writing an introduction will let your reader know what the article is about and will let him or her decide if they want to read farther.

Step 5: Write Supplies (if needed)- Listing supplies will help the reader know what they need to finish the task succssefully.


Step 6: Write steps down- Writng steps down in a how to article will help the reader complete the task quicker and know what they still have to do. When you write the steps down make sure you inform the reader how to do each step.

In the end a how to article can be helpful to mostly women who do not friends or family to ask for advice. When writing a how to article make sure you have a creative title and an intro paragraph to to inform your reader what the article is about. I hope this article will help all you women with no friends or family on how to write a how to article.


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