Weekend in Review

Last weekend had many storylines like every other weekend and there are many different stories.  I will highlight five stories that happened over the weekend.

Story 1:

Nick Mevoli died on Sunday following a freediving attempt in the Bahamas. The 32-year-old was conscious when he surfaced but blacked out. Doctors tried to revive him but were unable to save his life.


Story 2:

Police say a Harrisburg woman was arrested after stabbing another woman  outside a bar.The incident happened early Sunday morning at “Double D’s” on the 500 block of  South 19th Street.


Story 3:

In the latest violence in Lebanon over neighboring Syria’s civil war, two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Iranian Embassy in southern Beirut on Tuesday.


Story 4:

A white supremacist who wants to turn a small North Dakota town into an Aryan enclave is representing himself against terrorizing charges, while his younger friend who was also charged has asked for a public defender.


Story 5:

Civil War historian James McPherson and U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell are scheduled to speak Tuesday to mark the 150th anniversary of the speech. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett also will deliver remarks.


Over the weekend there were many stories. These five just struck me to be some of the best. Thanks for reading my post, you concerned citizens. (:

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