Random Stories

Story 1:

At least nineteen people were killed in explosions and shootings in Iraq.  Forty-three others were injured in the explosions and shootings. This is the deadliest incident since  al-Sadriya outdoor commercial market in central Baghdad, when a hidden bomb killed twenty-five people.


I think it is stupid that people have to shoot and explode people up randomly. They really have no reason to do so and if they do think they have a reason they are cray-cray.

Story 2:

Harrisburg religious organization is demanding that the county let it serve the  homeless after the ministry was kicked off public property for doing so earlier  this year. Attorneys sent a demand letter requesting that the ministry does not carry out religious activities.

This is really stupid if the ministry wants to help homeless people they have every right too. The county has to their crap together. This is almost unconstitutional, we have the freedom of religion.

Story 3:

A mother of a Florida girl is suing for her daughter taking her own life. The mom says that she jumped to her own death because she was being cyber bullied. Authorities said Rebecca killed herself after months of cyber bullying from fellow students.


I feel that it is both sides fault for her death. It is the people who bullied her faults for bullying her because that should not be tolerated. But it is also the girl’s fault because she didn’t just ignore what they were saying.

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