Bear Attacks Old Woman

Susan Chalfant, who is 54 years old, lives in Orlando, Florida. The reason that this random 54 year old woman is relevant to the recent news is because she was mauled by a bear while walking her on Tuesday, December 4th. Florida Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Karen Parker said that police  are not ready to call the case a bear “attack” because it’s not clear what led up to the incident. In the 911 call, the women’s neighbor said that she thought the attack was by a bear, but she was not sure what the attack was by.  The neighbor also couldn’t decipher how the woman who got attacked was because she was too bloodied to tell. The spokesperson said:

“Bears are very, very elusive. They’re pretty much more afraid of you than you are of them, and normally when they see a human and they’ve not been fed and have not been habituated — they’re going to run away. They don’t want to encounter us any more than we want to encounter them.”

This quote is what makes the whole situation weird because the officials do not know if the bear was tempted to attack or he just randomly attacked the 54 year old woman from Orlando.

A bear!!!!

A bear!!!!

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