Colorado Jet Crash

While landing a small plane crashed in Aspen, Colorado on Sunday. The crash killed co-pilot and two others died. Witnesses described a fiery scene as the plane flipped over and became engulfed in flames. The pilot of the plane reported high winds in a previous attempt to land the plane, according to air traffic control radio transmission obtained by CNN through Flightaware, a flight-tracking website. The co-pilot who was identified as Burchetta, was a 54 year old named Carranza Brabata of Mexico. The coroner said the main cause of his death was blunt trauma.  The pilot and another co-pilot were transported to a hospital with moderate to severe injuries.  The National Transportation Safety Board sent a team of investigators to the scene to begin the crash probe, NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson told CNN Sunday. FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said the Bombardier Challenger 600 that was coming from Tucson, Arizona. The plane originated from Toluca, Mexico, roughly 40 miles west of Mexico City, according to Flightaware. Comedian Kevin Nealon was at the airport and witness the crash he said:

“Horrible plane crash here at Aspen airport. Exploded into flames as it was landing. I think it was a private jet. Fire truck and ambulances were on the scene within minutes.Airport is closed now,” Nealon tweeted. “I think I’ll drive back to LA after seeing that.”




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