Weekend in Review

Last weekend had many storylines like every other weekend and there are many different stories.  I will highlight five stories that happened over the weekend.

Story 1:

Nick Mevoli died on Sunday following a freediving attempt in the Bahamas. The 32-year-old was conscious when he surfaced but blacked out. Doctors tried to revive him but were unable to save his life.


Story 2:

Police say a Harrisburg woman was arrested after stabbing another woman  outside a bar.The incident happened early Sunday morning at “Double D’s” on the 500 block of  South 19th Street.


Story 3:

In the latest violence in Lebanon over neighboring Syria’s civil war, two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Iranian Embassy in southern Beirut on Tuesday.


Story 4:

A white supremacist who wants to turn a small North Dakota town into an Aryan enclave is representing himself against terrorizing charges, while his younger friend who was also charged has asked for a public defender.


Story 5:

Civil War historian James McPherson and U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell are scheduled to speak Tuesday to mark the 150th anniversary of the speech. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett also will deliver remarks.


Over the weekend there were many stories. These five just struck me to be some of the best. Thanks for reading my post, you concerned citizens. (:

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How To Write A How To Article

The following post will tell you how to write a how to article.  How to articles are helpful if you are not a man because we men never look for help and think we can do everything our selves. How to articles will help women to complete tasks they could not do by asking a family member or friend.

Step 1: Choose Topic- You have to think of a topic that you want to write about and you know somewhat about.


Step 2: Choose Creative Title- Choosing a creative title will let the reader know if your article will help them with want they want to complete. Having a creative title will

Step 3: Pinpoint Audience- You have to choose an audience that you want to write to. Something about cooking or baking you may want to target women, but anything about cars or sports you may want to pinpoint guys.


Step 4: Write a Introduction- Writing an introduction will let your reader know what the article is about and will let him or her decide if they want to read farther.

Step 5: Write Supplies (if needed)- Listing supplies will help the reader know what they need to finish the task succssefully.


Step 6: Write steps down- Writng steps down in a how to article will help the reader complete the task quicker and know what they still have to do. When you write the steps down make sure you inform the reader how to do each step.

In the end a how to article can be helpful to mostly women who do not friends or family to ask for advice. When writing a how to article make sure you have a creative title and an intro paragraph to to inform your reader what the article is about. I hope this article will help all you women with no friends or family on how to write a how to article.


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Typhoon in Philippines

Over the weekend a typhoon that was three and a half times stronger than Hurricane Katrina. The typhoon that hit the Philippines killed an estimated ten thousand people.  It was one of the most powerful storms that hit land in the history of the world. Rescue efforts are hindered by damaged roads and airports. Officials did evacuate people to schools, churches, and government buildings, but they were unable to withhold the winds and rain from the typhoon.


This is another sign of the apocalypse, we are all going to die.  This is terrible think of all the people that died in this tragedy. They will have to rebuild will the things they have left over. They had barely anything before this happened and now they have even less. This is just terrible and now we can all wait for the inevitable…. the apocalypse.


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My Future Plans

Plans after High School:

In my immediate plans after high school is to go to college and pursue career goals for myself.   The college that I chose to go to is California University of Pennsylvania which is about forty-five minuets southeast of Pittsburgh. I chose this school because when I visited, they talked to me in a way that they wanted me to come.  Also when I visited I loved the campus and some of the administration that I met when I was there. When I was there it reminded me of my home a little because there was not much around the campus and I like that.



I plan to go to CalU for at least two years and get my gen-eds done there.  After that will decide if i want to transfer to another college or not. That will depend on my grades and if i want to leave or not.  My dream school is Syracuse University and if I could somehow get accepted after completing my gen-eds, it would be a dream come true.  In college i plan on studying sport management as of right now,  but I always had pre-law in the back of my mind and  I always wanted to be a lawyer.



My career goals is either to become a lawyer or work for the New York Giants in their marketing department or as a college or pro scout.  Pre-law major would be headed toward a lawyer while sport management degree would help me get to work for the Giants in someway.  My dream job would be the general manager for the Giants. For the people that do not know what the GM does I will fill you in.  The GM on any professional sport team do handles all the trades, signing, and cuts of players on a the team.


Other Plans:

I also plan to travel around the world and visit countries like Italy, Great Britain, and France.  I love to travel and see historic landmarks I think it awesome to see how the world came to be and stand in some of the same places famous people did too.  I would also like to travel to see  try different countries food and see how they live differently to us.

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Dolphins vs. Eagles (Olivet)

In recent news Miami Dolphins tackle Richie Incognito is being blown up as bullying Miami Dolphins guard Jonathan Martin. When the story first broke people in football and fans were bashing on Incognito by calling him a racist bully.  In the most recent news of the story teammates of both Incognito and Martin say that the two were best friends and were almost like brothers.


Dolphins tackle Tyson Clabo took Incognito’s side by saying,

“I think that if you have a problem with somebody — a legitimate problem with somebody — you should say, ‘hey, I have a problem with this,’ and stand up and be a man, I don’t know why he’s doing this. The only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin.”

There has been other players in the league that have been taking his side as well. Safety Antrel Rolle of the New York Giants said,

“Was Richie Incognito wrong? Absolutely,” Rolle said during his weekly radio appearance on WFAN Tuesday. “But I think the other guy is just as much to blame as Richie because he allowed it to happen.”

Dolphins players said the following in the interview,

“They don’t feel as if he’s a racist, they don’t feel as if he picked on Jonathan repeatedly and bullied him, but if they could do it all over again there would be situations that they might change but they’re very, very comfortable with Richie,” Carter reported on Wednesday, via the Sun Sentinel. “They think it’s sad, not only that Jonathan’s not on the football team, but also that Richie is being depicted as a bigot and as a racist.”

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

An unnamed teammate also called him an “honorary black man.” One teammate also said that they like Jonathan Martin but love Richie Incognito.

Click here to see the video on the latest of the Miami Dolphins situation http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9937464/miami-dolphins-players-support-richie-incognito

On a better story in football, a Michigan middle school football team named the Olivet Eagles made one kid have a day to remember.  Keith Orr who is a special needs kid who attends Olivet middle school scored a touchdown in a football game and his first carry ever.  The Olivet middle school team ran a play to not score intentionally, then they put in Keith to score a touchdown.


I do not think these two stories have anything alike or even should be together. They just happened to be on the same day and were in the news a lot.

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Women Fired Over Halloween Costume

A Michigan woman named Alicia Ann Lynch dressed as a victim of April’s Boston Marathon bombing, wearing sporting shorts and fake blood splattered on her body. The result of this was her getting fired and internet rage over social media.  Lynch posted herself wearing the costume on Instagram which followed in people raging on twitter and sending her not so nice comments.


I disagree with the fact that people use social media to threaten and attack other people over social media. People take social media way to far sometimes and it is really childish and annoying that social media is what people turn to for their problems. People cannot just talk to another human being and solve the differences. Know they have to be children  and take to social media. What a society we live in.


  • Social media is everyone’s turn to coping device to deal with problems.
  • It is funny that a person with the last name lynch is making fun of death.
  • Some people take jokes way to far.
  • Some people heartless and do not deserve to walk this Earth.
  • Social media is just used for stupid childish things.
  • I like potatoes.
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Food-Aid should Come To An End


Food-Aid has been defended for fifty years and now is the time for that to change.  On August, 31st 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a law that enacted the food stamp program. In 1964 the law was passed to help needy people and families that could not pay for food or were not able to grow their own.

Today people are taking advantage of this program and getting their food practically free. The average family spends 151 dollars a week for food according to a Gallup Poll. In a four person family the government will give you 632 dollars to spend on food every month. so according to the Gallup poll a family of four is paying 604 dollars a week on food essentially getting there food completely free.

On welfare you are supposed to look for work and actually trying to get a job that you can support your family on somewhat. How many people actually do that? Also, how many people abuse the program and get welfare, which includes food stamps just sit on their lazy butt at home and get there food for free and healthcare free? There are flaws to the program but the government really cannot pick out the people abusing the programs.

In conclusion food stamps are good programs if used correctly and not manipulated by these lazy people. It is not fair that a family of four can get there food completely free paid by the government. I the government did not put so much money into welfare it might help with the economy situation as well. On October 31st, 2013 the GOP proposed to lower the budget for food stamps by 40 billion dollars while the democrats proposed a 4 billion dollar cut to welfare.

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